Tiny Little Boxes: The Only Thing that Matters

Protect your son from the monsters…

…put him in a box so tiny that he can’t breathe, or speak, or function in the real world.

Teach him that god only loves them if he is ‘normal’.

Place scenes of bodies burning eternal in his head so that they can play on repeat…

…all just so he doesn’t DARE wear a dress…

Or speak out when an adult tells him not to tell.

Because compliance is more important than sanity..

…and he’s a man of god…

…and your son doesn’t have a voice anyway.

Go ahead and ‘raise a child up in the way that he should grow’ and hope that he’s not different…

…or abused…

Because if he is, you’ll have to shoulder the pain and guilt and send him away to live in a camp somewhere…

…and maybe he won’t want to live at all…

But you’ll sleep soundly at night…

…because heaven is the only thing that matters in the end.

2 responses to “Tiny Little Boxes: The Only Thing that Matters”

  1. Very powerful. We should love them for who they are, not for some skewed idea of who we wanted them to be


    1. acrodriguezwrites Avatar

      That’s absolutely right! I couldn’t imagine holding my ideals more closely than the love for my children but unfortunately, it seems to be so deeply ingrained in society at this point. I believe it’s our job to speak out and disrupt it so that the next generation does not have to suffer through it.

      Thank you so much for your support and, as always, your insight.

      Liked by 1 person

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